AUDIO: The drier the satire, the louder the choir podcast

autor: Ana Stojanović, Irena Čučković, Liam Van Haverbeke, Jonathan Matdepenninghen, Sebastiaan Van Praet 0

Is satire drowning in a sea of intolerance?

Online Project Journalism is a collaboration between Howest University, Belgium, and the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. In non-corona times the students of Howest work together with the students in Novi Sad during an annual study trip. This year it was an online project, to make sure the intercultural added value of working together to create a journalistic product is not lost.

Students of Novi Sad created journalism products together with students of Howest. This project connects Serbia and Belgium every year. The products are proof of cooperation between students.

The starting point for the journalistic product was the uprise and growing visibility and influence of the Black lives matter movement. BLM is exemplary of a growing awareness of identity and thus becomes more of an issue on the political agenda, in the cultural sector, and in people's personal lives. In this way, it was possible to work on themes, such as the human race, sexual identity, living with a disability, political preference, etc.

This is the second product that is published from the workshop. 

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